“Recording this programme and giving the absolute best of myself has been fun. I WISH I’d had this system and info when I stepped into the unknown just over 10 years ago, at the beginning of my property journey. If I’d had this, I’d have achieved what I have in a fraction of the time. It’s a great feeling to know that we will change peoples lives with this programme.” Paul McFadden

Property Jumpstart has been designed to give all sorts of people from all walks of life, an open door into financial success in the world of property investment and trading.

The programme features 14 hours of video-based modules and a comprehensive workbook, which begins with the Property millionaire mindset, then walks you through how to find your goldmine area, the due diligence process, investment strategies, raising finance, multiples streams of property income, successful joint ventures, deal sourcing, negotiating, your WAR plan, and more.

Everything you need to know to build a six-figure property business is contained in Your Property Jumpstart.
    When it comes to Property education, most people want to see the money, the deals, the strategies; but what most fail to realise, is the vital importance of mindset. "If you give a poor man money, he'll lose it. If you take a rich mans money, he'll earn it back." If your mindset isn't working in your favour, you'll take yourself out of the game. In Module 1, we dissect and develop the Property Millionaire Mindset.
    In Module 2, we discuss The 5 Core Reasons why Property is your number 1 vehicle for financial freedom and success, we overcome the objections that hold many people back, and we dig deep on the Property Foundations you must develop in order to build your business. In this module, we'll break down Property Jargon, and discuss the purchase process, and play with numbers.
    In Module 3, we cover two core areas; The 8 key fundamentals to property investing, and Your Property Power Team. The 8 key fundamentals are your guideline and roadmap in Property. Stick to the rules and you won't fall short. Your property power team are the backbone of your business. You need professionals by your side. In this module, we show you exactly whywho and how.
    Due diligence is an essential part of the property process. Simply put, it means appraising a deal, making sure the numbers stack, doing the relevant homework. In Module 4, we'll help you discover your local goldmine area for trading and investing, and take you through our thorough due diligence process. As an added bonus, you'll receive the ALG calculator, which shows you when a deal is or isn't a deal.
    In Module 5, we cover buy to let, and buy to flip. When assessing potential deals, you'll look at two exit strategies; will it be a buy-to-let, or a flip? And if a deal doesn't fit either, you can package and trade (covered in part 2). In this module, we work the numbers, we look at deals, we look at both exit strategies for each, and we walk you through each part of the process to help you gain full understanding.
    In Module 6, we discuss Deal Packaging and 12 Additional Investment Strategies. Deal packaging / trading is when you source deals, and act as a bridge between sellers and investors. It is the single fastest way to create cashflow in Property. We explore this strategy in detail and with live examples. Then, we move on to discuss 12 additional investment strategies.
    In Module 7, we address an important question; why should anyone give you money? More to the point, how do you become the kind of person who attracts investor finance with ease? We then move on to 10 Strategies for Raising Finance, both personally, and as a company. If funds have ever been a problem, you'll find an entirely new reality. Funding is unlimited when you know where to look.
    Whilst it's vital to stay focused on one core business until systemised, there are ways and means to create multiple streams of property income in your property business. In Module 8, we lay out 10 avenues of additional income that can flow in without any additional work on your part. We show you how to set this up, in detail, and how to have your business work harder for you.
    A Joint Venture involves two or more people working for mutual benefit. Joint Ventures can be ongoing, long-term, or short-term, and can be for one transaction or many. There are many advantages to JV's, but also many pitfalls. In Module 9, we explore the upside and downside of Joint Ventures, and step-by-step how to structure JV's in a fair and mutually beneficial manner.
    In Module 10, we bring in Billy Farrell, the UK's leading expert on Property Deal Sourcing. In Property, most people search for deals with Estate Agents and online, but whilst amateur investors swim in the same small pool, the professional goes straight to the source. In this module, you'll learn the exact system for sourcing below market value deals, offline and online, with nothing held back.
    If you don't know how to deal and negotiate with motivated sellers, you will lose them, and you will lose deals. In Module 11, we discuss The 10 Golden Rules of Property Negotiation; how to find out what sellers truly want, how to manage their expectations, how to provide an ethical, honest, helpful and professional service. Our role, is the professional problem solver. In this module, we dig deep.
    By the time you reach Module 12, you'll have covered the millionaire mindset, the foundations, the fundamentals, goldmine areas, due diligence, investment strategies, multiple streams of income, successful joint ventures, deal sourcing, negotiating, and more. Now it's time to put it all together with your 90-day War Plan. With every resource at your disposal, it's time to make money.
“Paul has worked incredibly hard to develop an astonishing level of knowledge in the property investment industry. Paul very kindly gave his time and insight into my investment journey & along with Billy Farrell and the many valuable resources they produce, I have become a full time property investor. I highly recommend ALG and Paul McFadden to anyone interested in creating Financial Freedom.” - LEWIS SLADE
“If you desire to be involved with property in any way, then Paul McFadden is your man. He will grab you by the hand and walk you through the maze of property investment. How to start? Where to start? What to do? ETC. Paul explains things in a manner that a complete novice or a seasoned professional can use and repeat. Just 10 minutes with Paul was enough for me to realise how lucky I was to meet someone so ethical and knowledgable. Whenever I have any question I know Paul McFadden is the man who will have the answer!” - SUKHDEV MALL
“Meeting Paul and becoming involved with the Property programme has been no less than life-changing for me. I have achieved more in my property journey in the 4 weeks following his course, than in the whole preceding year. Paul’s enthusiasm for the property game and his passion for sharing his wealth of knowledge with his mentees is inspirational. With his help, I now have a clearly defined strategy, the right mind-set, and the absolute certainty that I will not just achieve but surpass my property business goals. Thank you to Paul, Billy and the rest of the ALG team.” - JANE BUCHAN
“I met Paul in 2009 and we worked together with a number of property investors, helping them build their Buy to Let portfolios quickly. Paul is a driven entrepreneur who is very much focused on results. He has a great understanding of marketing, lead generation, property, personal development and is a great mentor to his clients and co-workers. His energy & passion are limitless.” - RORY O'MARA
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We're excited for you to begin Your Property Jumpstart. Whether you're just getting started or you've been around the block, what you'll learn in the 12 video modules will take you to a whole new level of possibility and understanding.

More importantly, you'll discover a step-by-step roadmap to building a six-figure property business, to replacing your income in a short period of time, and to living life on your own terms, trading and investing in property. All you have to do, is the work.

Click the link below, and let's get started.
“In a short space of time of knowing Paul, from listening to him on This Week in Property Podcast to only a few weeks later meeting him and becoming a mentee with ALG Property Academy, my life ambitions have changed dramatically. His support, knowledge and willingness to want us to achieve OUR property goals has driven me in directions I never thought possible.” - KIRSTY TODD
“An outstanding mentor who goes above and beyond to help others succeed. It’s great to know someone who is willing to give and share so much of their own knowledge and experience to help others succeed in reaching their goals. Someone I’m happy to have in my corner who is pushing me to achieve more!! He has change my outlook and perception of what is achievable in not only business but also personal growth.” - SEAN MCINTYRE
“Paul has helped shape my property journey both directly and indirectly. Directly he gave me the keys to open up my property journey and indirectly seeing what he achieved at a young age gave me belief that I could do it too. Paul has a heart for helping people to invest in property and puts a tremendous amount of energy into mentoring them until their goals are achieved.” - PHILIP HOWARD
“Paul helped me kick start my property portfolio. Paul helped me source below market value property and put me in touch with his power team so that the whole transaction of purchasing a property went through quickly and smoothly. He even helped find funding sources and JV partners so that I didn’t even have to use my own money for the purchase. As a result I have been able to substantially grow my property portfolio and reap the rewards of a healthy passive income” - NEIL ANGLIM
“I’ve known Paul for many years now and his grasp of the property market is remarkable for someone of his age, or indeed any age. The person who understands the market from all angles, buyer / seller / economic / political / finance / rental is a rare animal indeed.” - DAVY HUTTON
“I remember asking Paul for some advice on sourcing and disposal of property as I was considering a career change. I then found myself up all night studying Property Jumpstart and soon caught the property investor bug. Ultimately if Paul hadn’t been kind enough to share his property experiences and give me advice, I wouldn’t have been as successful as I am today, never mind being involved in the industry in the first place.” - JOSH HILL
“Paul is someone I got to know over the last few years. We are both involved in property in the UK and also networking. I recently worked with Paul and his business partner Billy on a podcast. It was a great experience and lots of fun to do. Paul is bringing property education into peoples homes in a very simple and fun way via podcasts. I am also seeing how involved his is in face to face education to help people get ahead. Always a pleasure to deal with and highly recommended.”- JUSWANT RAI
“I had the pleasure of being introduced to Paul over 6 years ago and was immediately impressed with his passion for property and overall enthusiasm for life. With an extensive and ever expanding knowledge of the property market from a variety of varying angles, I can highly recommend Paul’s experience for all property related business matters. A very inspirational individual.” - STUART WYLIE
“After spending a weekend with Paul and ALG I would highly recommend anyone who has the opportunity to spend time with him, does so. He is inspiring, motivational and extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of business, particularly property. Excited about working will Paul in the future as I know if Paul is involved it will be a success.”- ROSS HENDERSON
“Paul is an amazing business man and my mentor in Property. He has been instrumental in helping me to gain confidence and experience when looking for and negotiating deals. I 100% recommend working with him and tapping into his knowledge and experience!” - ELIZABETH RUBINAS
“Paul has a wealth of knowledge & experience in all aspects of property. He is always willing to give advice, support and encouragement to those around him. Paul’s input really made the difference for me when I was getting started in property investment.” - IAIN TAGGART
“Paul is real, relevant, and up to date in today’s business world. Paul is currently my mentor in property and has really opened my mind and showed me how I can make serious income. I would highly recommend anyone looking to get in to property or take there property career to the next level to get in touch with Paul. Onwards and upwards.” - BARRY DOUGLAS
“Paul is an inspirational property trainer, with a wealth of experience and knowledge. His commitment to helping investors become financially free is second to none. I have enjoyed working with Paul on my property journey and would recommend him if you want clear strategy and successful financial results.” - SHIRLEY-ANN O'NEILL
“Paul is a driven, focused and successful entrepreneur. His attention to detail is second to none. He listens, advises and comes up with specific solutions to your challenges. He has an ability to fast track you in your property journey so that you don’t make the costly mistakes that others make. Paul is a delight to work with.” - ANDY CHALMERS
"Paul offers a wealth of knowledge and experience from within todays property market bringing professionalism and insights in abundance. He offers a supportive character and willingness to share experiences / knowledge / contacts gained over the years. With his professional aptitude and wider business knowledge I would strongly recommend working with Paul.”- BRUCE BOWYER
“I have worked with Paul on various property projects over the years and will continue to do so. His knowledge and enthusiasm for property is second to none and he always gets the work done!! He is driven, ambitious and most importantly honest and I would not hesitate recommending doing business with or utilising his services.” - HARVEY ROSENTHAL
Order now and access Your Property Jumpstart for only £997+VAT, down from £1,497+VAT. Limited time offer only.